Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical door installation take?
It could be as little as an hour or two, however, a door installation can vary in time due to different factors. Things to account for is the delivery time of your new door if it’s not in stock. Another element to consider is the state of your current door and how easily it can be removed. Also, if your home’s foundation has shifted or the framing has become misaligned due to weather or other reasons, we may need to correct those issue before the actual door installation can take place.

We try to work as quickly as possible regardless of the circumstances, but we never sacrifice quality to speed up detailed and appropriate processes. When doing a door installation on your house, we always want to take the appropriate amount of time required to make sure everything works correctly and that you get the longest life possible out of your new door. Your family will be depending on it.

How long will your window installation take?
It’s hard to say how long window installation will take because of various factors. A double-story window installation obviously takes more time due to the challenges of accessibility. However, even single-story homes can pose challenges if the current windows aren’t installed correctly or if the framing has become misaligned over time. Beyond that, things to consider are the types and availability of stock regarding windows you’re interested in. In addition, custom sizing may be required depending on your home’s particular layout.

No matter the challenge, though, we’ve literally seen it all. With over a decade of experience, CF Window and Door is prepared with solutions and multiple options to suit your style and needs. And while we try to work as quickly as possible for the sake of your convenience, we won’t sacrifice quality for the sake of time. Your family is going to be relying on these windows for years to come. You deserve to have a window installation that’s done correctly for the sake of your comfort and safety – and that’s our primary objective with each project we work on.

Is your window and door company insured?
Yes, absolutely. Our window and door company is insured for the protection of you, your home, and us. We understand that you’re making an investment in your family’s home, and we obviously want to protect that investment while we work to enhance it. We’ve been in business for over ten years in the Amarillo community and have a great track record. We’ve been able to build that track record by having multiple safety precautions and best-practice installation procedures in place. However, for your peace of mind and common sense, we are fully insured and ready to tackle any job.
Should do anything to prepare for door or window installation?
Yes, you can definitely help us prepare for a successful door or window installation. You’ll want to remove any picture frames, vases, or other delicate items near the window or door so we have an easy work space. You can also remove curtains, blinds, or decorative treatments if they’re easy to reach. However, we’re happy to help if you prefer. If you have security sensors on any of your doors or windows, you’ll want to remove those or have your security company do so. You’ll also want to remove any furniture or wall decorations that could possibly be an obstacle during the removal or installation of your door and or windows.
I'm not ready to buy yet, but I have questions. Can I still call you?
Absolutely. We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have. Even if you’re not in a position to get started soon, a conversation could give you some valuable insight that will help you plan better. We can also reserve future dates for estimates or project starts to better accommodate you and your schedule when you are ready. Either way, a conversation now will give you plenty of time to explore options and consider things you may not have thought of before. We’re happy to help in any way we can, so give us a call and pick our brains.

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